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Creating Templates Using Canva

Watch how easy it is to create lined journal pages and low-content interiors using Canva.

Canva.com is a free tool that makes creating and editing images a breeze.

Link: http://www.Canva.com

Creating Templates Using PowerPoint

I love creating my journal templates using PowerPoint! It's such a user-friendly program, even if you've never done it before. I'll show you how.

Link: Grab a free 30-day trial: https://products.office.com

Recommended: Sue has created an awesome step-by-step course that teaches you how to create templates using PowerPoint. Click Here to check it out!

Creating Covers Using Photoshop

I'll show you how to quickly create low-content book covers using Photoshop. Also included: Free resource for editing Photoshop files.

Link: https://www.adobe.com/ca/products/photoshop.html

Publishing on KDP

Look over my shoulder as I show you how to successfully publish your low-content books on Amazon KDP Print.

Link: http://kdp.amazon.com

Profitable Niches

Join me to discover some of the hottest niche markets online and how you can generate countless profitable ideas to maximize sales.

NOTE: I use the Scope Research tool in this video, however I will be adding a new video that focuses on using Publisher Rocket as it's a lower-cost alternative.

Creating Book Covers with Canva Series: Video #1 | The Power of Canva

Why Canva is a great tool for creating book covers, a quick overview of the different account options and more.

Resource: http://www.Canva.com

Creating Book Covers with Canva Series: Video #2 | Account Set Up

Rebecca shares her best tips for configuring your Canva account in order to get the most out of it while simplifying the design process. Create book covers faster and easier!

Creating Book Covers with Canva Series: Video #3 | Design Tips & Techniques

Find out just how easy it is to create stunning book covers using the free version of Canva and much more.

Creating Book Covers with Canva Series: Video #4 | Uploading to KDP

Step-by-Step video guide to uploading your book covers to Amazon KDP in order to maximize exposure.

More Videos Coming Soon!

Current Videos in Production: Publisher Rocket (our new favorite Amazon research tool!). Check back shortly!